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What is Fertility Massaging?

Massage has been used for thousands of years as a way to nourish and heal the body and assist with fertility. Fertility massage techniques have been found within various cultures, with many ancient practices still being used today. A common feature within fertility massage is the focus on the womb. Ancient Egyptian women would massage their wombs to heal themselves; and the Norse believed goddesses rubbed their bellies to heal their wombs. Similar rituals were practiced globally, with records being found within Mayan, Russian, Chinese and Indian cultures.

Fertility Massage focuses on restoring the womb and the body to its natural state. This non-invasive, abdominal-sacral massage uses the combination of pulsing, rebozo, massage and reiki to create flows of nourishing energy, leaving you feeling relaxed, centered but most importantly, nurtured.

Why is it important?

As individuals, we function from the interweaving of our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Through this interconnectedness we are able to achieve amazing things, however, when something doesn’t function as it should, it can have an effect on all three levels. When there is an issue, the body can react by redirecting energy from one system to another. Unfortunately, the reproduction system often becomes dispensable, creating issues with fertility. Physical and emotional health is incredibly important for heightened fertility as the body wants the best environment to create and grow a child. Factors such as stress can cause a variety of problems that can affect the reproductive system, from hormone levels, muscles tension to organ issues.

Through the use of non-invasive techniques, fertility massage realigns the mind, body and spirit, drawing focus on the regenerating of self. It assists to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, helping to reposition the womb, remove blockages, and properly open the pelvic and hip region. The added relaxation from the massage reduces stress by calming the mind and releasing tension. A calm mind, relaxed body, and open spirit are ideal for those on their fertility journey.

The different techniques


Pulsing is a blend of several traditional techniques and is known as the Tai Chi of massage. It is a holistic body work therapy; created to release emotional tension and break the emotional armor we build ourselves. It releases negative emotions by using gentle, rhythmic rocking of the body. The soothing physical movement eases the mind and releases the physical reactions to emotional stress.

Pulsing has a significant yet gentle effect on the body internally with the releasing of emotional tension having a large improvement on physical health. The soothing movement encourages the fascia muscles to release tension from the muscles and organs, allowing for freedom and movement, guiding a potentially misaligned womb back to her rightful place. The releasing of physical tension and rhythmic movement Increases blood and lymph circulation throughout the whole body, specifically within the pelvic religion. Through abdominal pulsing, digestive transition is improved, and bloating is eased, reducing stresses from the organs and allows the body to absorb and distribute energy properly.


The Rebozo is a Mexican shawl that has been used for generations, tracing back to the Mayan Empire, to assist with pregnancy and labor pain as well as fertility massage and womb realignment.

Within fertility massage, the rebozo is wrapped around the abdomen acting as an extension of the arms and used to gently rock and stretch the body. Drawing energy and focus into the womb, relaxing the muscles and easing her into position. The fluidity of movement and support of the soft fabric feels like that of a hammock gently swaying.

Through the use of these forms of massage therapies, when combined with yoga, visualization and energy work, allow for a much deeper, energetic release than just a regular or single style of massage.

Please note that this therapy is to aid fertility. There are no guarantees that clients will fall pregnant after receiving this massage.

Side Note: Yoga

Yoga is an excellent reliever of stress. Designed as an exercise to help you relax mentally and physically, it has been proven to have many health-related positives. From reduced stress and better sleep, to increased flexibility and muscle strength, yoga is a great exercise for preparing the body for pregnancy.

The gentle movement and stretching releases any tension surrounding the muscles and relaxes the body; lifting and holding only your body weight builds strength without risk of damaging muscles or ligaments; the calming nature of the exercise is a form of physical meditation to clear the mind and centre on the body; relaxation through physical movement can assist with a better sleep as both the mind and body are calm and relaxed.


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