Hey – it’s me again! Callista

Why my desire to help?  Why I do what I do?


In About Me, I mention ups and downs in 2019.  One was being very unhappy at work.  So, when discussing with my son that I wanted to quit and was thinking of doing massage until I work out what I want to do, he goes “start massaging, mum as you do it well and enjoy it”.  And so I started.

I am very textile and my love language is “touch” so this sort of work is prefect for me.  Plus I like making people feel good. I love that relaxed look people have on their faces after a massage and how their sense of being just feels calm.  It is beneficial for all people involved.  

Fertility, Womb and IBS

I have been where some of you may be and have witnessed friends and family also go through the same struggles. That desire for a bub.

I can understand the disappointment and pain; how the “it will happen when it happens” becomes frustrating and hurtful. I have Endometriosis, tilted uterus, heavy periods and had five miscarriages, but I do have two wonderful sons.  They helped me through the miscarriages while my then partner was “too busy”.

I’ve undertaken fertility treatments including three IVF retrievals. Your doctors may be lovely and your partner supportive, yet you feel alone when your hormone level doesn’t increase as it should, or you can feel your period coming. You know that you are doing all that you possibly could and yet… Your heart aches. I understand.

And then, you find out all the miscarriages are due to your Endo.  So, I’ve had my Endo cleaned out after my marriage was over.  And I’ve seen the frustration of my sister who had a hysterectomy due to the severity of Endo.

Support Groups for Fertility

Along with massaging, I offer support groups for those going through the process. Meeting other women who are experiencing a similar journey and understand the pain and frustration can be empowering.  And help you not feel alone through it all.  I don’t want you feel as I did if I can help it.

I also offer groups for male partners, as it is a difficult and strange time for them also. Especially if he is unable to help with contraception.  

Sometimes it can feel like your partner isn’t there for you (on both sides), but this can often be due to them not knowing what to do. Within these groups, we offer guidance on how to be supportive during these painful times and allow for partners to discuss their journeys and experiences.

Sisterhood and Brotherhood Group

I learnt about the concept of Sisterhood groups a couple years back when I was learning soul work and it was something I have wanted to do.

It’s not all about spirituality and meditation but a sharing of idea, talking about a topic, making a commitment to each other to improve or love oneself more.

And it made me thing … guys need it too.  So brotherhood groups, I shall host also … unless a guy wants to set up for me 😉

Why I do ….

Skills and Knowledge

Accredited Training:

  • Finance; Certificate IV
  • Human Resources; Diploma
  • Hypnosis; Certificate
  • Life Coaching; Certificate
  • Management Associate; Diploma
  • Massage for Relaxation; Certificate
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Certificate
  • Soul Coaching; Introduction

Personal Development:

  • Assertive Thinking
  • Balancing Work and Home
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dealing with Personalities
  • Developing Positive Assertiveness
  • Managing Thought Patterns
  • Motivating at Work
  • Personal Wellness
  • Quality Customer Service
  • The Art of Communicating
  • Winning at Human Relations

Self Interest:

  • Christianity – Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant
  • Counselling Practices
  • General Self Development Practices
  • Guidance Card Reading
  • Kundalini Awakening; Basic
  • Religious Practices Around the World
  • Tantra Practices
  • Quodoushka; Basic

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