Hi! I’m Callista

I have a genuine passion for people.  So if you need help feeling awesome, sorting something out or a listening ear, I am happy to help … because we all need someone.  And with me, what you see is what you get so if I don’t have the knowledge, life experience & common-sense answers, I am pretty sure I have someone in my life who does.  You see, I’m blessed with diversity and overcomer’s in my friendship base … “multi cultural” “outside the square” beautiful friends.


I was blessed to be raised in the 1970’s.  In the years when family and friends were all important.  Everyone helped, worked and partied together.  I was raised in a secular home until about ten, then a fundamental Christian home for numerous years, that changed to a regular church until I was about 19 when I chose my own path as my heart felt lead.

So when I refer to the hurdles in life, I have experienced quite a few – not just in my younger years but also in my mature years and that includes now, 2019.  To be honest, there have been times when I have not enjoyed the ride, times I wanted to get off and times I begged God to change the direction.  But during this roller coast ride, and it is still continuing, I have been surrounded by some beautiful people.  I have also paid for medical help to get me through life hurdles and taken medicine when needed to control my over thinking mind and to find a love for myself.

My prayer is you will find strength in my story, the stories whose lives have crossed mine and have given me the strength to know that life is certainly worth living. 

PS – as mentioned above, we all have hurdles in life and during these times, we need people around us who genuinely care.  Some people have not had the chance to make these friendships.  It would be my privilege to help you fill any friendship holes you have by introducing you to others who may fill it for a lifetime (via social events hosted by myself or colleagues).

About Callista

Skills and Knowledge

Accredited Training:

  • Finance; Certificate IV
  • Human Resources; Diploma
  • Hypnosis; Certificate
  • Life Coaching; Certificate
  • Management Associate; Diploma
  • Massage for Relaxation; Certificate
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Certificate
  • Soul Coaching; Introduction
  • Fertility and Womb Massaging; Certificate

Personal Development:

  • Assertive Thinking
  • Balancing Work and Home
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dealing with Personalities
  • Developing Positive Assertiveness
  • Managing Thought Patterns
  • Motivating at Work
  • Personal Wellness
  • Quality Customer Service
  • The Art of Communicating
  • Winning at Human Relations

Self Interest:

  • Christianity – Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant
  • Counselling Practices
  • General Self Development Practices
  • Guidance Card Reading
  • Kundalini Awakening; Basic
  • Religious Practices Around the World
  • Tantra Practices
  • Quodoushka; Basic

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