Top of the Mountain

For years, I struggled with self worth and I don’t believe I am unique in that. I would swing in and out of it, know what I mean? Then one day it all changed. I left a relationship because of how it made me feel. I left a secure comfy job due to bad management even though clients liked me. I even started readjusting my friendships. I was starting to value myself – again. I had been saying it for years that I did but now I was going to live it, determined not to slip back into old habits.

So, I started a job that was easy with no relationship building; they wanted just service. It soon became evident that I couldn’t just do service. So many signs it was not right and at some point you have to take notice of them.

I always wanted my own business when I was young but was told I’d struggle coz I was too introverted and too nice – “you’ll get walked over”. But desire never leaves you.

So, one day walking to work I listened to a podcast on starting your own business and one thing stuck with me: “do your passion while still working – use your free time to start moving towards where you want to be”. My hours had been cut at my new job so why not!? So, after years of being told to massage, out of necessity and believing what others had told me, I gave it a go. That was August 2019. By end of October 2019, I realised I could make more and work less by massaging than going to a job I was not right for and made me sick … and I love massaging 99% of the time.

Massaging is not my end goal, just the first step. It is where I knew I could start because my love language is touch so it is never a chore. My passion is helping people and using everything in my head and networking. I am at base camp on my journey to the top of my mountain.

I want to encourage you to believe in yourself. Accept the journey ahead of you. The journey may not be easy but you are in control. Have self belief – you will finish at the top of the mountain.

Some great YouTube motivations out there and one The Power of Self-Belief by Your World Within