Give Up The Victim Mentality

I struggle in this life to understand people’s need, no, want, to be a victim. Regardless of what may have happened in your life, if you are a “victim”, I believe, you are choosing to be in that position.

While undertaking NLP training, a quote was mentioned and I believe it rings true – “Blame makes you a victim”. You blame someone else for an action they took that impacted you so you are the victim. No one denies that but the choice you then take determines whether you truly are forever or not.

I can hear you saying “but I’ve been diagnosed with …”. Show me someone who hasn’t been diagnosed with something nowadays. I think the new normal is having a label and while you are at it, make it a few. Have no labels, then you are abnormal – I’m abnormal. Nope, I take that back. Not even me, I have one label but it helps me connect with people; you see, I struggle with the English language! But then I have chosen to have no other labels, I don’t want a label defining who I am. Meet me, know me – that is who I am.

No-one has a perfect life; bad stuff happens. Things you had no say over, happened to you, happened to me and it’s personal, it hurts. The strength is in the choice you make in how to deal with it. And there is ALWAYS a choice.

You may be saying “well, you don’t know my story, all I’ve been through”. That is true but you do – it’s your choice how you respond to the life that is given or thrust upon you. Like a “Choose your own Adventure” story – you have a choice what chapter you go to next.

Make the choice to be a conqueror … if for no other reason than you deserve it!